Barber Shop - Sure to remind you of the bygone era of old-time barber shops. Talcum, amber and rum blended with musk.

Bourbon Tobacco  - This scent combines the scent of fresh pipe tobacco infused with warm, rich bourbon.

Bay Rum - A nice spicy blend of clove, cinnamon sticks and pine needles on a background of sweet, yet balanced orange.

Birchwood and Oud -  A great woodsy and Smokey scent. It's a complex mix of wild cypress, ozone, makrut lime, sea salt, oud, elemi, leather, amber, ocean moss, and frankincense.

Dragons Blood -Dragons blood is earthy and mysterious. It's infused with cedarwood, blood orange and patchouli.

Bon fire- The smoky deep scent of a cracklin' fire. Nice and strong !

New Haven- New Haven was a famous Pirate port. We think this name does this tropical scent justice sweet but with just the right spice. A beautiful smooth combination of lemon, clove, sandalwood, musk, cinnamon and sweet creamed

Kentucky Bourbon -Rich Kentucky Bourbon containing both fruity and woodsy notes on a vanilla musk background.

Lumberjack (cologne type) - A warm, sexy, woodsy masculine scent.

Roasting Marshmallow - Warm, toasted marshmallows, smoldering woods and rich vanilla cream blend together seamlessly. This complex fragrance will remind you of toasting marshmallows around the campfire.

Pipe Tobacco - This smells just like fresh pipe tobacco.

Texas State Fair - Like memories of the walking through the state fair with caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples and salted, sweet cream stands lining the fair grounds.

Timber wolf - A sexy masculine fragrance. Warm musk blends with patchouli, spiced woods, leather and a powdery vanilla. Citrus, lavender and ylang round out the fragrance.

Wild West- Refreshingly clean, mysterious, slightly masculine and unabashedly sexy. This is the leathery musk combo you have been searching for.

Oakmoss and Amber - Infused with natural essential oils. Base notes of wood and musk fuse with herbs and rich amber

The Back Woods - A blend of moss, fern, cedar, pine with background notes of amber and soft powdery musk.

Bacon - Yes you read that right ! This is the scent of fried bacon

Vanilla Tobacco - This scent combines the scent of warm vanilla, a bit of smokiness and fresh pipe tobacco.

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