Beard wash and shampoo

  • Our original beard shampoo comes unscented. We do this for a reason: to retain your manly musk! It will not overpower or conflict with your favorite beard oil or cologne. This set is ALL NATURAL, it has nothing to hide. There are no artificial preservatives in our beard wash or conditioner. No worries my friend, after one try you will love it so much, "you'll be back," to quote the Terminator. These products have been specifically made and hand-crafted to clean, nourish, and moisturize your beard for that all-natural rugged look that make the ladies go wild. You better watch out Chuck Norris, you may be the Ranger now, but there is a new beard in town.


  • We also have a new sensitive skin beard wash for those of us that suffer from this condition. Don't be ashamed, it just means your skin needs some extra love. We make use of a very mild surfactant called Decyl Gluoside, it is a natural ingredient that is made from corn and coconuts and is 100% biodegradable. Talk about being green with envy my friends. It has been used around the world in products ranging from baby shampoo to those hoity-toity upscale sensitive skincare brands. Included is an essential oil blend of mint and tea tree oil to give it a slightly minty scent. Everyone wants to stay minty fresh am I right?


  •  Our "co-wash," or conditioner wash will both wash and condition your beard, as its name implies. This is for those that are always on the run and in a hurry, one has got to hustle nowadays. It is made with nourishing ingredients that include coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and avocado oil to really take care of that beard, nice, easy, and fast. We even put a cherry on top of this sundae for you, we added sea moss to the mix! Sea moss contains many vitamins that promote a strong, healthy beard and has a mild cleansing agent called coco betaine (derived from coconuts) to cleanse the beard. The benefit of this is that not only does it clean your beard properly and quickly, it is extremely hydrating and beneficial to your skin and beard.




Now for the conditioner!


 The Deep Conditioner that is what you can call THICC, as in one thick conditioning cream for your beard. It is made for those of us stuck outside for long hours during the day when our beards begin to get dry and uncomfortable, no one likes an itchy beard! So let's say you want to go out for a long motorcycle ride in the hot sun, maybe go play on the beach, maybe you just are a true manly man and work outside all-day. Well, this is when you need this conditioner, the thick, deep conditioner moisturizes your beard and the added sea moss gives it an extra boost for hydration. Talk about feeling smooth and looking fine all day long, your beard will thank you later.

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