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Hand-made soaps! No harsh chemicals just quality products at an affordable price.



































Salty mariner with oatmeal- Musky sea weed, green ozone and salty sea breezes.
















Bourbon Tobacco- This scent combines the scent of fresh pipe tobacco infused with warm, rich bourbon.
















Leather & Spiced tobacco- This was inspired to be like an old smoke room, leather chairs, pipe tobacco, cedar, with a coffee grind expholant. 
















Eucalyptus and mint- The sharp, distinct herbal scent of eucalyptus is softened nicely by fresh mint with undertones of fresh lemon and sage. Nicely balanced! 
















Hawaiian Roller Coaster- Inspired by one of my favorite movies with a little blue "dog" who liked to surf. This is a tropical scent of pineapple, ginger and citrus. 


Rugged Range - smells of the great outdoors, mountain air, eucalyptus, sage, a hint of lavender, and a few woody notes.


Cedar Ranch - for all the cedar lovers! Cedar combines with patchouli, leather, and coconut. Sure to remind you of some great adventures. 


Ostara - was the goddess of spring, this scent is a frest floral scent to do her justice, wild flowers blooming, bees buzzing a fresh, clean spring feel.


Dragons blood - is earthy and mysterious. It's infused with cedarwood, blood orange and patchouli.

























 These are made for those people with coconut oil allergies who would still like to enjoy all natual soaps! The carribean Tides does contain a synthetic coconut scent so you can enjoy that summer smell. 
















Timber wolf 100% coconut oil free- Warm musk blends with patchouli, spiced woods, leather and a powdery vanilla. Citrus, lavender and ylang round out the fragrance
















Caribbean Tides 100% coconut oil free- This was made to take your mind and nose on a vacation even while sitting in the office. Hibiscus , ylang ylang and jasmine, drift wood, coconut (synthetic scent), and citrus swirl together to form a perfect reminder of that tropical paradise.
















Oakmoss and Amber 100% coconut oil free - Infused with natural essential oils. Base notes of wood and musk fuse with herbs and rich amber
















Charcoal soaps
















Charcoal- wild cypress, ozone, makrut lime, sea salt, oud, elemi, leather, amber, ocean moss, and frankincense.
















Black Lavender- calming and relaxing blend of fresh lavender with a gentle white musk and soft powder notes
















Mechanics- The best way to describe this soap is it smells like that famous orange hande pumice used by Mechanics world wide. This is a very gritty soap, with a high cleansing rating. 
























Coffee soap








Coffee Soap: a Great exfoliating bar made with freshly brewed coffee. Includes coffee grinds as an exfoliant. This smells like expresso, with hits of cedar, pine, and amber. 
















Pine Tar- This is a 20% pine tar recipe. If you have ever played baseball you know what pine tar smells like. This is that exact smell!
















Coconut milk honey & Oatmeal- this is the most moisturizing soap we make, it containes, coconut milk, Argan oil, and manuka honey. This is a very sweet soap. It has the creaminess of coconut milk, the sweatness of honey, and vanilla. 

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