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Finally! This is an Aloe based cologne no alchol to dry out your skin! We made these to match some of our most popular beard oils. 


Vanilla Cubano- When you first walk into the cigar lounge with a group of friends. The smell of fresh tobacco , tonka bean and vanilla combine to for a scent that is unforgettable. 


Zephyrus- Zephyrus was the greek god of the west wind. This fruity rich blend featuring pineapple, sweet wood, and amber was designed with that wind in mind. A strong and powerful yet subtle scent. 


Caribbean Tides- This was made to take your mind and nose on a vacation even while sitting in the office. Hibiscus ,  ylang ylang and jasmine, drift wood, coconut, and citrus swirl together to form a perfect reminder of that tropical paradise.


Egyptian souk- Souk means market and Alexandria Egypt had some great ones. These markets were the insperation for this scent. The Breeze off the Mediterranean sea mixed with Incense, spices and cashmere to take your nose on a magic carpet ride to a faraway land.


Cibola- Cibola was one of the legendary 7 Golden cities sought out by Cornado. This woodsy spicy blend featuring amber, leather, citrus, with hints of cream, this may not be a city of gold but it will have you smelling legendary.  


Fragrance of the gods - Originally used in the middle east for religious ritual, this scent will take you to heaven, "Oud." Known as "wood of the gods", bathe yourself in the opulent fragrance of Oud, sweet woods, sandalwood, peppercorn, patchouli.


Rustler- Inspired by rough and tough cowboys of the past. It's woody, spicy with a few jabs of leather and musk. Rustle up and adventure!


 Torcedor- A Torcedor is a master Cigar roller, Musk, combines with Scents of rum soaked cigars, leather, tobacco, and Oak come together for this blend that lives up to its name

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